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Pool Bar

Relaxing moments under the sun…

Think of relaxing under the Greek sun, on the comfortable sun loungers by the pool of our hotel, enjoying the tranquility. All the Angelina Escape buildings are built around the pool giving guests easy access. Sunbathe, swim or read your favorite book.

And if you hungry?

There is a pool bar in the pool area. Enjoy cool cocktails and natural juices, ice cream or coffee, or taste one of our delicious snacks. The pool bar is open throughout the day. Our menu covers all your preferences.

Enjoy a pre-dinner drink or coffee and we invite you to try our tasteful cocktails. Our bartender will make his own recipes just for you.

Classic Cocktails :


Inspired from the famous Giuseppe Cipriani, owner of Harry’s Bar in Venice. With a very special pink shade, it reminded him of the toga in
one of the paintings from the Italian artist XV century, Giovanni Bellini.
Prosecco, Peach Mix


Only great fans know that this is the cocktail ordered by James Bond in the very first novel published by Ian Flemming in 1953. In chapter 5 of “Casino Royal”, the most famous secret agent of all time makes it clear that he has excellent taste for refined drinks. Campari, Vermut Rosso, Soda


We all know that it was popularized by Ernest Hemingway in “La Bodeguita del Medio” from La Habana. But, did you know that its origin was a beverage called “El Draque” in honour of the famous Francis Drake? We didn’t either, until we researched it. But rocks. It was a pirate. Oh, well a sea captain. White Rum, Sugar, Lime, Mint, Soda


Originally from Venice and Trieste during the years when the northern Italy was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The soldiers mixed the best of both worlds: classic white wines of southern Germany and Austria, with intense Italian bitters. The story tells that the soldiers sought to lighten their spirits and added bubbles to make them more like beer. Aperol, Cava, Soda


This cocktail has become so popular -so fast- that it even has a nickname: Cosmo. And no, we are not gonna make any references about her. Don’t you know who we are talking about? Fine, so fine. It works. Vodka, Cointreau, Blueberry juice, Lime juice.


There are a lot of versions about its origin, many more about the origin of its name. Was it in the Harry’s Bar from Paris or in a Club
in New York? Was it named for Mary I Queen of England, Mary Pickford or a lady called Mary, who was seated everyday in the counter of one of those bars? What we surely know is that you have to taste it even once. Vodka, Pepper, Lemon Juice, Tomato Juice

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