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Activities in Aegina

Many fun and interesting activities await visitors on Aegina island! We recommend the following:

The Pistachio Festival or Fistiki Fest
Every year in September, a festival is held in Aegina for the famous Aegina pistachio nuts. During the festival there are many stalls with various dishes that use the Aegina pistachio as a main ingredient but also showcase other products such as handmade ceramics, jewelery and apparel. Various events such as concerts and cultural events are also held.

The Ancient Theatre of Epidavros
If you love the theater then Epidavros is definitely worth visiting. Does it seem far away? It really isn’t. There are various boats that oganise Theater trips from Aegina port. Choose the play you would like to watch and visit the most famous Ancient Theater of the country.

Kottaki Ceramic Art Workshop
Located at the center of Aegina, on 33 Spyrou Rodi street.
Participate in one of the lessons and create a brilliant ceramic piece of art in the shape and colors you choose.
TIP: Perfect for young children too! Take part with your kids and spend some quality time with them!

Holidays without fun? Of course not! On the island you will find several cafes, bars and clubs that meet all your requirements for a good time. Drink a relaxing coffee after having a swim, spend a romantic evening or have fun with loud music till the early hours of the morning.

Yoga Sessions
In recent years, Yoga has gained fanatic enthusiasts. In Aegina, sessions are organized in various parts of the island. In addition to gyms and dance schools, outdoor yoga takes place on various beaches. What better than enjoying sunset yoga on the beach.

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