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Explore Perdika

Perdika is a picturesque fishing village and is 9 km from the port of Aegina.

Ideal for your family, friends or your other half.

Perdika will offer you the peace and relaxation you desire on your vacation.

Walk the narrow streets with the whitewashed houses and colorful gardens, and enjoy the magical view.

Take a swim and enjoy the Greek sun on the nearby beaches. And if you love food, then on the island you will taste delicious dishes with fresh fish and local ingredients.

The surrounding beaches…

Within a radius of 4 km from Perdika you will find many beaches. Visit the organized ‘Klima’, ‘Sarpa’, ‘Aeginitissa’ and ‘Aegina Maris’, or the beach of Perdika.

It is also worth going to ‘Glystra’. Rocks with stairs, and splendid green waters.

The island of the Moni

Opposite Perdika is the Moni, a beautiful little island. You can get there in just 7 minutes by boat.

The islet is not inhabited, but there is rich vegetation, and many animals.

Peacocks and kri-kri, a rare species of wild goat, come near you to feed them.

The beaches of Moni are beautiful and have clear, light blue waters.

On one side of the island there is an organized, sandy beach with splendid waters, while on the other side of the island it is ideal for underwater fishing.

Following one of the island’s trails, you reach the top of the island, where there is still a World War II observatory.

Moni is almost full of pine trees, and is suitable for hiking, climbing or swimming.

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