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Local products

Aegina has a wide range of local, delicious, high quality products.

The Aegina pistachio

The ‘King’ of local products is of course the Aigina pistachio.

It has been the main cultivation of the island since the 1920s and has now been registered as a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) product.

You may consume it raw or roasted, or it can be used as the main ingredient for many sweet and salty recipes.

Pistachio Pesto, pistachio praline, cookies, nuts, liqueurs and syrupy sweets are even tastier if the famous nut is added.

So much more…

Also try other local products such as Geremezi (soft, cream cheese), aromatic honey, olive oil, local wine varieties, delicious figs or katsoules a local fish of Aegina.

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